Vershire Recreation Committee Meeting Agenda

 Date: Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Time: 5:00pm

Location: Vershire Town Center

Agenda submitted by: Liz Thames, Rec Committee Secretary

  • Review and approve April 5, 2023 meeting minutes
  • Review purchasing plans for remainder of fiscal year 2022-2023:
    • $4,504 remains (we should aim to spend before June 30th, although it will carry over to the next fiscal year if we don’t spend)
    • Plan to purchase:
      • Basketball netting: Ken to research
      • Horseshoe pits: Ken will seek to have these donated
      • Kickball supplies: need some kickballs
      • Ping pong paddles, balls and net
      • Storage bins: 5
      • Soccer nets: need two conduit pieces
      • Check on badminton set to see if we need any new pieces
      • Easter decorations: Ken to purchase
      • Other seasonal decorations would be awesome too
      • Supplies for upcoming events (see below)
  • Pavilion and Town Center Committee updates from Reva (as needed)
  • Storage area was organized by Karen, Devan, Reva and Liz:
    • Still need to put some items outside in the shed (once the snow melts)
    • Need to organize supplies into storage bins once those are purchased
  • Review of Past and Upcoming Events:
  • Need to schedule a day to take down the ice rink and move the shed:
    • Ken will let us know when
  • Sat, May 6 is Green Up Day:
    • We will be collecting tires; Reva will collect the money at trash & recycling that day
  • Weds, May 17th at 4pm food truck (no bounce house):
    • VinDogs food truck is booked, per Karen
    • This will be a joint event with Adult Game Night as it’s the 3rd Weds
  • Fri, June 16: end-of-school party:
    • Fri, June 16th is confirmed as the last day of school:
      • Liz will book the bounce house
      • We’ll make pizzas in the town oven as a fundraiser to buy a snowblower next winter
      • Pizza oven will need to be started early in the day if we want to have pizzas by 4/5pm
      • Need to check on the wood supply for the oven
      • Nate has offered to make the pizza dough ahead of time.
      • He needs an inventory on dough supplies and what might need to be purchased.
      • He will also need to be let into the town center earlier in the week to use the giant mixer to make the dough.
      • We’ll also set up the popcorn machine, hot dog machine, ice cream, chips, a side?, baked beans?
      • Do it by donation
    • David Hooke said this shouldn’t be a problem with the pavilion construction but we should check in with him as the date nears
  • Pavilion raising Saturday, June 24; roof goes up on June 25:
    • Goal is to make this a Town Center Work Day: some folks will help with the pavilion, others will do other tasks. Can we help advertise and come up with work ideas? Reva needs to know from us by mid-May:
      • Work on the walking trail?
      • Spread gravel on walkway?
      • Dig horseshoe pits?
    • Saturday, July 1: Vershire Day:
      • We will run the activities for kids/families
      • We’ll rent a bounce house (this will be paid out of next year’s FY 23-24 budget)
      • Perhaps start the kid/family activities at 4 or 5pm: dunk tank; bounce house; kids activities, etc!
      • Check with VerShare on if they want to sell pizzas—that would be great as it would enable us to focus on the games and activities
      • A live band is already booked
      • Debra is looking for someone else to take on gathering food donations for the chicken BBQ
    • August: back-to-school bounce house party and food truck
    • September: back-to-school potluck for families with school-age kids
    • October: harvest festival is now fully under our jurisdiction
    • November: do Towns-giving again
    • December: horse-drawn sleigh rides with holiday event
    • January: Skiway tickets for next year?
      • Adult weekday morning?
  • Other event ideas:
  • Paint and sip painting event for adults?:
    • Find out who runs these around here
  • Open mic night/variety show:
    • Goal is to do this in Spring 2024
    • Start planning in Fall 2023
    • Talk to Deb Kingsbury
  • Live bands outside in warmer months (we could totally sell pizzas!)
    • Liz to email bands for prices and availability
    • Grants for live music? We should apply
      • Liz might be able to write it
    • Ken spoke with Allie about his son’s band

Pizza fundraisers

Wait on confirming dates depending on when bands are available

Would be best to do these in conjunction with a live band

Discussion about baseball field:

Make a survey to ask the community what they’d like to have done with the baseball field

Discussion about trail loop from town center building to post office and back:

Would people use it? What shape is it in now?

Any other business:

Electric bike tour around Vershire? Ken to research