The Town of Vershire is conducting a full  reappraisal of all the properties on the Grand List.  There will be representatives of the Reappraisal company, NEMRC (New England Municipal Resource Center) visiting each property over the next many months.

After your property has been visited by representatives of NEMRC, and in order to facilitate and guarantee the accuracy of the data that will be on file for your property, you will be able to click on the link in the textbox adjacent to this one (with red dotted outline), then enter your personal code (left on your door tag after the NEMRC visit) when prompted.  This will enable to view your parcel data and help us make sure the data collected is accurate and a true reflection of the condition of your property.

To help us verify your property data, click here, then enter your personal code to review the data on your parcel.  To report any changes in the accuracy of the data contact the listers here: