Starting April 18, 2020, individual face coverings will be required on recycling Saturdays at the Durgin Hill Recycling Center in Vershire.  This requirement will remain in effect until Vermont Governor Phil Scott changes or lifts his order instituting social distancing and the wearing of face coverings in public places.  Wearing a face mask or other covering substantially increases our own level of protection and the protection from exposure to the novel coronavirus and the disease called COVID-19. For more information on the use of facial coverings and masks, see more at

Also, there will be a limit of 3 vehicles at a time allowed inside the gate to unload and, because of this limited number inside, folks are advised not to linger longer than it takes to unload your trash and recycling into the packer and recycling bins.  Now is not the time to clean out your basement and bring all your extra recycling and trash to Durgin Hill.  Please be respectful of others and be quick and efficient and wear a mask!