Vershire Town Energy Committee Regular Meeting

Wednesday October 5, 7-9 PM

Vershire Town Center and by Zoom

Order may be revised.

Approve DRAFT minutes from September 7 meeting attached

Energy Resource Table/event at Fall Festival (David) – firm up these plans, TMS involvement (Katrina)

Joining IREC? (7-town regional energy committee with Jeff Martin/TRORC) – costs and timing (Neil)

Fedex Box update (Richard)

Local Transportation Survey (TVT bus) – (Richard – results from survey)

Selectboard/Energy Com trip on TVT Bus to Woodstock to view public safety building AWHP – report, recommendations re Town Garage (David)

Transfer Station Kiosk (Pat)
Performing low-cost energy audits (Pat, Neil)
Charger at town center (Pat)

Weatherization 101 – report, future ideas (Pete)
Efficiency Vermont Home Energy Audit phone script (Pat, Andy)
Purchasing Policy re: climate – what are other towns doing, to what effect (Pete)
Town Plan update process – (David)

Website including report from Thetford (David)

Energy Audit for Town Office (Pete)

Window Dressers (Neil/Pat)_
Climate Change Leadership Academy (Pete)

Update on H518 funding/Town Garage if needed (David)

New business