Vershire Town Energy Committee

August 15, 2022, 7 PM

Vershire Town Center – with Zoom option

Agenda subject to re-ordering

Approve DRAFT minutes from July 6, 2022 meeting, attached

Energy Resource Table/event at Fall Festival

Joining IREC? (7-town regional energy committee with Jeff Martin/TRORC)

Other updates from July 6 meeting:  Fedex box, local transportation survey, Efficiency Vermont services, performing our own energy audits/blower door tests locally, kiosk at transfer station, charger at town center, etc.

Update on Town Garage, funding, available grants

Townwide Green purchasing policy (like Bradford or Bethels) – recommend to SB

Justin Will replacement – Katrina Monzon?

Old Business

New business

Next regular meeting: September_____, 2022