Vershire Town Energy Committee Regular Meeting

Wednesday May 3, 7-9 PM

Vershire Town Center and by Zoom

7:00 Approve DRAFT minutes from April 5, 2023 (attached)

7:20 Park and Ride Lot. Questions from Selectboard to Richard at earlier Selectboard meeting. Andy’s drawing.

7:40 Solar on Town Garage Roof

  • Review proposals
  • Recommendation to Selectboard?

8:00 MERP mini-grants.  Should come any day.  $4000 + $100 Town appropriation

  • • Signboard covers and materials for Kiosk – proposed $800 for 4 sign covers and sign. Confirm.
  • • Energy Fair materials, refreshments, publicity, etc. What should we request?
  • • Window Dressers subsidy ($500)- Possibly seek to leverage other donations
  • • Website work

What else?

Propose budget

8:15 – Energy Fair, Vershire Day:  Updates on Vendors

Solaflect (Andy)

ARC (Pat)

Efficiency Vermont materials

Vans for van pool

Other options to consider…

Other solar vendors?

Energy retrofit companies?

E-Bike companies?

Electric car sales?

8:25 Commuter vans – Update.  More outreach?  (Richard)

8:35 Website – David

8:40 Transfer Station Kiosk – progress on materials (Katrina, David)

8:45 Joining IREC – VCRD process.  (Pat)

8:50 Wrap up – Homework

List-serve posts:

  • Commuter vans
  • Vershire Day – Energy fair
  • Transfer Station Kiosk
  • Minutes

New Business, Adjourn

For future meetings

Performing low-cost energy audits (Pat, Neil)  -next steps

  • WEC tariff discussion
  • Fedex Box update Richard)
  • Town Plan update process – (David)