Permit Forms

Driveway Access Permit Application

Development (Building) Permit Application

Development (Commercial Building) Permit Application

Building and access permits allow neighbors to be respectful of both their neighbors and the environment around them.  Excess weight permits provide insurance for the roads protecting the hard work the road crew does all year for us.

Ordinances and related Documents


Vershire Town Plan 2017

Development Base Map

Utilities and Facilities Map

Current Land Use Map

Transportation Map

Natural Resources Map

Future Land Use Map

Forest Blocks Map

Flood Resiliency Map

Ordinances are important to the functioning of life in any town.  Vershire currently has ordinances that direct the placement of and the dimensions of buildings and signs, the size of lots depending on where they are located, what defines major and minor subdivisions.  Ordinances also lay the rules that apply to all dogs and other domestic pets, vehicular speeds within and along the roads in town, as well as rules regarding ATV use and how they are allowed to travel in town.

Vershire Development Ordinance

Vershire Dog and Pet Ordinance

Traffic Ordinance

All Terrain Vehicle Ordinance

Proposed ATV Ordinance

Other Planning Documents


Garage Energy Audit 2010

Road Erosion Inventory 2017

Energy Summary

Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

Flood Hazard Bylaw 2018

In the course of planning within a town and dealing with things like energy conservation, pollution and erosion control along rivers and streams, there is specific information that needs to be gathered to develop a picture of where our needs are at any given point of time.  Here are some of the plans and research studies, inventories and other things that have helped to guide some of our decision making.