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Dog Licensing:

Dog licensing is a recurrent annual event.  The State of Vermont requires all dogs to be licensed in their town of residence.  To be registered, every dog must have a current rabies vaccination.  If you dog has a current vaccination on record, you are asked to send payment in the U.S. mail and a license will be sent in return.  Any animals with current vaccination records should be licensed before the April 1st deadline.

Dog Licensing Fees

Spayed/Neutered $9.00

Intact M/F $13.00

Late Licensing Fees

Spayed/Neutered $12.00

Intact M/F $18.00


The Vermont Presidential Primary  is set for March 5, 2024.  Polls will be open from 7:00am to 7:00pm at the Vershire Town Center Building.

For more information about registering to vote, check out the Vermont Secretary of State’s website here.

Office Research:

To perform title work in the Vershire Town Office, you are required to have an appointment scheduled in advance.  Please call or email the Vershire Town Clerk for more information.

If you have specific requests or need to schedule an appointment, please email ( or telephone (802 685-2227).

Getting Married:

Marriage Licenses – Civil Marriage License Application.   You can save this file to your computer and fill out electronically.  It will have to be printed out, signed and returned to apply for a marriage license.  Civil Marriage License Application.

(Please call ahead for an appointment for getting a Marriage License)

Vermont has a process in which anyone (well, almost anyone) may become a temporary officiant to marry.  Follow this link to find out how.

To find out more about getting married in Vermont, check out these FAQs from the Vermont Secretary of State’s Office.

Trash Bag Punch Cards:

The Vershire Trash Bag Punch Card

The Town of Vershire has moved to a utilizing a Punch Card program for discarding solid waste.    A punch card is $20 per card and has 20 $1 dollar punches.  A small white kitchen garbage bag is 1 punch, a green size (30-33 gal size) is 3 punches and a contractor bag, 6 punches.  We still accept both stickers and green bags, if you have them.  Stickers are placed on trash bags that residents purchase elsewhere and are required on trash bags disposed of in the town’s packer truck.  Green bags are also still accepted but will no longer be sold to the public at large and eventually phased out.

Punch Cards: 

One Regular Sized Trash Bag (Vershire green trash bag size) – 3 Punches

One Small Sized Kitchen Bag – 1 Punch

One Large Contractor size bag – 6 Punches

Residents bring their trash bags and recycling to the Durgin Hill Fast Trash location located at 15 Durgin Hill Road every Saturday morning from 7:00am to 12:00pm.

Recycling Saturdays

Recycling consists of two separate streams: 1) mixed paper media (cardboard/office paper/junk mail), and 2) glass, metal and plastic food containers.

The Durgin Hill site accepts food scraps, as required by Vermont law and Act 149, Vermont’s Universal Recycling law.

Animal Control
If you have found, or have been found by, a stray dog or cat, you can contact the Vershire Selectboard, at 802 240-0402. Leave a call back number and someone will call you back!

Notice from the Town Clerk – Regarding the Town Office

The Town Office is open for regular office hours (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:30-4:30, closed 12-1).  The mask requirement in town buildings has been relaxed making masking optional.  There are still many things that can be taken care of over the phone and curbside service is available.

All title and genealogical research is by appointment only! 

We are doing the best we can to meet your needs, those of the community, and also our own.  The Town office number is 685-2227 for the Clerk and 685-2224 for the Listers.  Emails: and  If you have a question for the Animal Control Officer, please page the Vershire Selectboard at (802) 240-0402.

Covid19 is still around!  If you are unsure of your surroundings, you can still maintain the“six foot spaces, mask on faces, uncrowded places,” rule.

Thank you!

Gene Craft, Town Clerk