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Gene Craft, Town Clerk

The Rivendell Interstate School District budget vote was held on May 26, 2020.  This vote was mostly held by absentee ballot.  The following was posted on the Vershire Listserve on May 28, 2020:

“We wish to express our deep appreciation for the 22 election workers who spent many hours collecting the approximately 50 walk in votes, and processing and counting the 1557 ballots cast (total of Town and District-Wide,)  by far the most ever cast in a Rivendell election.  We also thank the District administration for tireless efforts to support the vote, and Mike Gilbert of Orford Emergency Management for supplies and advice.  There will be more to say and to do to analyze this historic vote, but for the moment, appreciation that we were able to conduct our civic process in a fair and safe manner in this difficult time is the order of the day.

David Hooke, Moderator
Tami Sullivan, Clerk


Full results follow:

David Gagner 219
Write ins 12
Blank 17
Spoiled 1
Total 249

David Ricker 275
Write-ins 24
Blank 20
Spoiled 2
Total  321

Kathy Hooke 144
Misc write-ins 2
Blank 2
Spoiled 0
Total 148

District Wide (not counting blanks or write-ins except auditor) Total 839

Moderator David Hooke – 648

Clerk Tami Sullivan – 699

Treasurer Tami Sullivan – 679

Auditor Doug Tifft – 10, Morgan Klarich – 6

At Large School Board: Kathy Blanchard, Orford 669

Question 3 Budget – Yes 349, No 484

Question 4 Reserve – Yes 420, No 409

Question 5 Authorization – Yes 629, No 199″

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