Australian Ballot Results from April 6, 2021 Election

On April 6, 2021, the voters in the Town of Vershire re-elected the following folks: David Hooke as Town Moderator, Gene Craft as Clerk-Treasurer, Debra Kingsbury as Lister, Naomi LaBarr as Collector of Delinquent Taxes, Eugene Sobeck to the Planning Commission and Rita French to the Cemetery Trustees.  The voters also elected Kenneth Bushey to the open 3-year Selectboard seat and Tonya Gunn to the 2-year, and Jamie Blondin will take on the 2-year Lister position.   All other voted Articles passed.  For the full breakdown of the election day voting results, click here to download the pdf.

Vershire Selectboard Approves Warning and Sets Informational Hearing

The Vershire Selectboard, at their meeting on March 2, 2021, adopted the Warning for the Australian ballot voting to be held on April 6, 2021, at the Vershire Town Center Building.  Here is link to the Warning.

The Selectboard approved a special voting procedure for the Town of Vershire in lieu of the Annual Town Meeting pursuant to Vermont law H.48, which allows all votes to be done by Australian ballot.  Voters are strongly encouraged to vote absentee, and the Town Clerk will mail an absentee ballot to all active registered voters of the town.  (If you do not receive a ballot, please contact the Town Clerk).

There will be one informational hearing in the form of a special remote hearing of the Vershire Selectboard on March 28, 2021, at 1:00 pm.  Voters may obtain information on accessing this hearing through the Vershire website, (check put the Selectboard page) or by telephoning 802 685-2227.  The procedures for this hearing will follow these guidelines:

Rules for Zoom Participation:

  1. Everyone is muted on entry
  2. There is no private chatting
  3. The use of personal video is optional
  4. If you have a question and are using a computer, smartphone or tablet, please type your name (but not your question) in the chat box.  Participants will be taken in order
  5. When called on, please identify yourself by stating your name and town of residence and direct your question to the Selectboard
  6. If using a telephone to call in to the meeting, use *9 (the “raise hand” function for telephone participants) and *6 to mute/unmute
  7. Speakers will have no more than 1 minute each to ask their questions
  8. There will be ~10 minutes allotted per article (for Articles 16-24)
  9. A person who has already asked a question must wait to ask another until all others who have not yet participated for that article have done so
  10. There will be a 30 minute candidate forum at the end for questions

If you have questions about the hearing, please call the town clerk at 685-2227, or speak to a Selectboard member for more information.

The polls will be open for same-day voter registration and the casting of in-person ballots between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm on April 6, 2021, at the Vershire Town Center Building.

Ethel Pike Appointed Interim Selectboard Member

On February 23, 2021, Ethel Pike was nominated and then temporarily appointed by the Vershire Selectboard to fill the vacancy on the board until the election on April 6, 2021.  Ethel’s term will run approximately six weeks.  The vacancy was created when Marc McKee stepped down from the board on February 16 due to health and other personal reasons.  Ethel is not interested in running for, or staying in, the position beyond the April 6 election.  Currently, Tonya Gunn and Ken Bushey are running for the three year position that Sarah McRae Thrasher is stepping out of (not running this year) and Nicole White-Fogarty is running for the 2-year position vacated by Marc McKee.

Selectboard Votes to Change Town Meeting Date, Voting Methods

The Vershire Selectboard met on January 19, 2021, and moved then acted upon the following items, pursuant to Act 48.  Act 48 grants Selectboards and Administrative Boards the power to modify their Town Meeting in 2021 in ways designed to limit in-person contact and thereby preventing the possible spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus.  Act 48 was signed into law by Governor Scott on January 19, 2021.  At the meeting on January 19, 2021, the Vershire Selectboard voted:

  1. To move all Articles normally voted from the floor of Town Meeting to Australian ballot (and, as a consequence, to not hold an in-person Town Meeting in the year 2021)
  2. To direct the Town Clerk to mail all registered active voters in the Town of Vershire a mail-in Australian ballot, and
  3. To postpone the Vershire Town Meeting election date (polling date) to April 6, 2021, the first Tuesday in April.

The town will hold at least two informational meetings via Zoom before the vote on April 6, 2021.  More information will be posted on both the town’s website,, and on the Vershire Community Discussion List regarding the upcoming vote and informational meetings.

There Will Be No In-Person Town Meeting This Year

Vershire will not hold an in-person Town Meeting this year 

 All articles to be voted will be voted Australian ballot.  Every active registered voter will receive a mail-in ballot and the voting will occur on, or in the case of mail-in balloting, by April 6, 2021.  An active registered voter is a voter whose town residency has not been challenged by the Board of Civil Authority.

Polls will still be open for those who wish to vote in person but, due to Covid-19, people are encouraged to use the mail-in option this time around.   There will be (virtual) town informational meetings beforehand.  Information will be available once these are scheduled.


  • Moderator, one year term *
  • Selectboard Member, three year term
  • Town Clerk, three year term *
  • Town Treasurer, three year term *
  • Collector of Delinquent Tax *
  • Lister, three year term *
  • Lister, two year term
  • Planning Commission Member, four year term
  • Cemetery Trustee, three year term
  • Cemetery Trustee, one year term

 * Positions with an asterisk are those in which the incumbent is running for re-election

(Deadline to be on the ballot is March 1, 2021 – (Call 685-2227 for more information)

There is always a need for Election Volunteers!  If you are interested in helping at the polls, please call the Town Clerk at 685-2227

Selectboard Member Resignation

For personal reasons, Marc McKee has asked the Vershire Selectboard to accept his resignation as of February 16, 2021.  The board is set to discuss the vacancy and to possibly appoint an interim member at its next meeting (February 23, 2021) to serve until the next election (via Australian ballot, April 6, 2021).