Employment Opportunity

Position Available—the Town of Vershire is seeking a part-time Solid Waste/Recycling Specialist to help manage its solid waste and Recycle Saturdays.  The site is currently open on Saturdays from 7:00am-12:00pm.  This position requires a valid and current CDL, the passing of a DOT physical exam, pre-employment and random drug testing (Non-CDL candidates may be considered if no CDL candidates apply).  The position requires assisting town residents, when necessary, with carrying their recycling and trash from their cars to the recycling station bins, organizing yearly annual recycling events, and collecting and organizing  redeemable bottles and cans, getting them ready for redemption.  The position also may include occasional lifting in excess of 35lbs.  For a complete job description and employment application, contact the Vershire Town Clerk at (802) 685-2227, or email admin@vershirevt.org.

Job Description – Duties to be performed include, but are not limited the following:

  • Cleaning and light maintenance on the Packer Truck, maintaining the fluid levels and effecting minor repairs when necessary and alerting the road foreman when issues arise with the truck. This includes the operation and driving of the truck from the Town Highway Garage to the Durgin Hill site on Recycle Saturday mornings and operating the truck on site during solid waste/recycling hours, returning it to the garage afterward.
  • Operating the Packer Truck to the landfill (currently City of Lebanon, NH), offloading the solid waste and collecting the receipt to be given to the Town Treasurer and bringing the empty Packer Truck back to Vershire. This must be accomplished on a weekday.
  • In the winter, duties include bringing the Packer Truck to and from the Town Garage (so it can be plugged in when not in use), providing snow removal from around the roll-offs and ramps and associated recycling areas, bringing sand from the sand pile to sand the ramp and areas around the roll-offs. In the spring and summer they include picking up escaped and wind-blown paper and trash from around the site and generally keeping the site clean and free of debris.
  • Assist residents with the carrying and sorting of their solid waste and recycling into the Packer and Recycling roll-offs.
  • Facilitate the onsite collection and recycling of food waste by Vershire residents.
  • Ensure that all solid waste is in compliance with the solid waste requirements of the Town of Vershire, the Greater Upper Valley Solid Waste Management Division, and the City of Lebanon Landfill.
  • Ensure all recycling placed in the roll-offs is clean and in compliance with the requirements of the Town of Vershire, the Northeast Recycling Recovery Association and the State of Vermont’s Act 148, Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law.
  • Keep the areas around the roll-offs clean and free of errant articles of recycling and trash and maintain the recycling area to be a safe and visually pleasing place to work and recycle in.
  • Cover roll-offs during recycling center closed times.
  • Keep the earthen ramp to the recycling roll-offs clear of ice and snow buildup in the winter by shoveling and sanding of both the ramp and the area around the base of the ramp (road crew snowplows the lot and clears the motorized travel way).
  • Keep the areas around the roll-offs clear at all times of items that would impede the swapping of the roll-offs by the town’s recycling vendors.
  • Locate traffic warning cones onsite to indicate/establish safe driving pattern within the Durgin Hill site to maintain ingress and egress of the site.
  • Work closely with, and report monthly to, the Vershire Selectboard to develop/implement the policies of the town’s recycling program as well as implement the upcoming requirements of Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law as each phase is required to be implemented.
  • Provide approved information and training tools to town residents regarding how and what to recycle and assisting and answering their recycling questions.
  • Direct residents with questions about where to recycle items to the appropriate outlets for repurposing/recycling.
  • Contribute articles and regular announcements regarding upcoming events and news of interest to resident recyclers for the Vershire Town Newsletter.
  • Organize and manage special recycling events sponsored by the town, Green-up Vermont, and the Greater Upper Valley Solid Waste Management District.
  • Organize the collection of the redeemable bottles returned and donated by the residents of the town by collecting and storing them (on Durgin Hill site) until redeemed.
  • For an employment application contact the Vershire Town Clerk at (802) 685-2227, or email admin@vershirevt.org.