Notice to Property Owners of the Town of Vershire, Vermont

The Board of Listers met to lodge the abstract of Property Values (Grand List Abstract as of April 1, 2021), on June 3, 2021 at 2 PM, at the Vershire Town Office,  6894 Vermont Route 113, Vershire, Vermont.

The Grievance process is a way for you to challenge the assessment of your property value as determined by the Board of Listers.  This process is designed to make sure the assessments are correct and you understand how your property is valued.

We offer a pre-Grievance information meeting for you to ask questions and review your property card.  This process is not limited to property owners who have received a recent change of assessment but to any property owner.

The Grievance meeting is a time for you to present your information to demonstrate why the property assessment is incorrect.  Examples might include wrong number of bathroom fixtures, incomplete bathroom, absence of flooring, areas of rot not reflected in depreciation, wrong number or size of outbuildings etc. Pictures may be helpful to support your position.

The Board of Listers will in hold a deliberative meeting the following week and review all Grievances heard. You will be notified of the Board’s action on your grievance.

Taxes are a concern. The grievance process is not about taxes, it is about assessments. Questions/concerns about tax rates should be directed to the Selectboard and your Legislators.