Energy Committee Agenda 08.15.22

Vershire Town Energy Committee

August 15, 2022, 7 PM

Vershire Town Center – with Zoom option

Agenda subject to re-ordering

Approve DRAFT minutes from July 6, 2022 meeting, attached

Energy Resource Table/event at Fall Festival

Joining IREC? (7-town regional energy committee with Jeff Martin/TRORC)

Other updates from July 6 meeting:  Fedex box, local transportation survey, Efficiency Vermont services, performing our own energy audits/blower door tests locally, kiosk at transfer station, charger at town center, etc.

Update on Town Garage, funding, available grants

Townwide Green purchasing policy (like Bradford or Bethels) – recommend to SB

Justin Will replacement – Katrina Monzon?

Old Business

New business

Next regular meeting: September_____, 2022

Town Center Committee July Agenda

VTCC Meeting  Agenda

July 18, 2022 at 7 pm  

In Person!!  &  Zoom

Meeting ID: 845 1354 7004   Passcode: 491503


Minutes by: 

Welcome  &  Minutes approval                                 5 mins

VTCC Minutes June 20, 2022.docx

VerShare and Historical Society – Reva   No meetings                            5  mins

BoS Meetings: June 21 & July 12  – Ken and Nicole                              10 mins

    Hall floor, Clean Up after events

Rec Committee – Ken                                              10 mins

Events  – Caro    and Suzanne                                          15 mins

Vershire Day 

Amanda”s Yoga for Kids                                                          

    Potluck Date –  Sat Aug 7 

Rental agreement – waiting for Reva

Pavilion – Caro and Reva                                          10 mins

Planning Commission & Village  Center Designation – Reva

Design  & Cost  – Caro

Renovations and Projects Update                                           15 mins

    4 Picnic Tables Varnish – Reva & Caro

    Upstairs Windows  Mural – Reva

    Insulation and Windows w/Energy Committee

VTCB Renovation List – July 2022

Webpage –  Reva                                                5 mins

VTCC Web Page Waiting for Reva



Next Rec Meetings: First Wed at 05:30 PM: Aug 3, Sept 7,Oct 5, Nov 2 , Dec 7.   

Next VTCC Meetings Third Mon at 7 pm: Aug 15, Sep 19, Oct 17, Nov 21, Dec 19.  

Zoom and in person.

Planning Commission July 13 Meeting Agenda

MEETING & NOTICE: Town of Vershire Planning Commission

DATE: Wednesday, July 13, 2022 at 7:00pm

PLACE: Vershire Town Center Building

Members:       Gregory Wilson, Chair

Eleanor Zue, Robert Perkins, Nate Thames, Justin Will

COVID-19 Notice: The Vershire Planning Commission meetings are now offering an in-person option.  (See below for the Zoom Link or go the Planning Commission page on the Vershire website, and follow the link from there).


Call to Order: 

  • Agenda Review & Modifications:
  • Public & Staff Comments
  • Approval of Last Meeting Draft Minutes
  • New Business:
    • Peter Gregory TRORC Introduction
  • Old Business:
    • Village Designation:  Peter Gregory Discussion and possible vote on Area that will be designate.
    • Training for new PC (Peter Gregory TRORC)
  • Other:



Meeting ID: 860 0893 6735

Passcode: 030998

Dial by your location

+1 929 205 6099 US (New York)

Energy Committee Agenda 07.06.22

Vershire Town Energy Committee

Special (brief) meeting

July 6, 2022, 7 PM

Vershire Town Center – with Zoom option

Approve minutes from June 20, 2022 meeting, attached

Energy Fair Debrief

Review 2021-22, Goal-setting for 2022-23

Town Garage

  • update on state funding
  • Comments on bid package

Recommend replacement for Justin Will

Old Business

New business

Next regular meeting: August _____, 2022